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African Studies

The Centre for African Studies (CAS) is a department within UCT's Graduate School of Humanities whose teaching and research focuses on interdisciplinary studies within an African and global context. Constituted in 1976, CAS built on the work of the School of African Studies which was one of the oldest of its field, having been in existence for over five decades.

Students enrolled in courses and programmes in the centre work in a uniquely dynamic, engaging and interdisciplinary postgraduate space. As part of a dedicated graduate and research environment, the opportunity is provided to benefit from contact with leading scholars, visiting associates, distinguished guests of the centre and resident academics.

Teaching and supervision within the centre is conducted through predominately small seminars, enabling student participation at all levels as well as individual engagement with academic supervisors and critics for research projects. Our academics support students and projects that explore critical issues in the context of Africa. These include a range of genres and media, from conventional dissertations to creative writing, to design and using multiple media.

Source: http://www.humanities.uct.ac.za/hum/departments/african_studies