June Bam-Hutchison


Dr June Bam-Hutchison leads on the National Institute of the Social Sciences and Humanities (NIHSS) catalytic pre-colonial  historiography project for the NRF Chair. Her research interests are in Khoi identities and social justice, critical issues in heritage, school history education and in decolonial discourse and practice. With Christopher Saunders, she edits the peer-reviewed and accredited Bulletin of the National Library of South Africa. She lectures on the African Studies Master's degree programmes and the African Studies undergraduate Major. 



Horman Chitonge  (Head of Section)
Room: 3.05 Building: Harry Oppenheimer Institute
Tel: 0216504056


Associate Professor Horman Chitonge's research interests include agrarian political economy, hydro-politics, and alternative strategies for economic growth and poverty reduction in Africa. 


Zuziwe Msomi




Ms Zuziwe Msomi is a new lecturer to the Centre for African Studies. She earned her Masters with distinction from Rhodes University, and is currently reading for her PhD in Political Studies. Her Masters was titled Indigenous Medicinal Knowledge and Intellectual Property Law. Case Study: Alice Pelargonium Case.



Lungisile Ntsebeza
Room: 3.03 Building: Harry Oppenheimer Institute
Tel: 0216503503


Professor Lungisile Ntsebeza is the holder of the AC Jordan Chair in African Studies at the University of Cape Town. He is also the holder of the National Research Foundation (NRF) Research Chair in Land Reform and Democracy in South Africa.



Vuyelwa Mnqanqeni (Administrative Assistant)
Room: 3.07 Building: Harry Oppenheimer Institute
Tel: 021650403


Mrs Vuyelwa Mnqanqeni provides professional administrative support to the Head of Section of African Studies, Lecturers, Undergraduates and Postgraduate students. As point of contact for African Studies, she provides widespread support to visitors and ensures efficient and smooth day-to-day operation of the Section.