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Linguistics Postgraduate Courses

AXL4300W Research Essay/Project

AXL4301F Language Contact/Bilingualism

AXL4303F Modern Linguistic Thought I

AXL4304S Special Topic: Reading Course

AXL4305S Linguistic Approaches to the Study of Narrative

AXL4306S Language Variation

AXL4307F Typology and Universals

AXL4309S Modern Linguistic Thought II

AXL4312F African Linguistics

AXL4313S African Languages in Education

AXL4314S Materials Development


AXL5301W Minor Dissertation

AXL5302S Linguistic Anthropology

AXL5306F Terminology and Terminography

AXL5307F Human Language Technology

AXL5309S Translating and Interpreting

AXL5310F Language Contact and Globalisation

AXL5311F Research Methods in Sociophonetics

AXL5312F Topics in Syntax