AXL5306F Terminology and Terminography

24 NQF credits at HEQSF level 9

Convener: Associate Professor M Madiba

Course entry requirements: Acceptance for a Master’s programme in African Language and Applied Linguistics.

Course outline:

This course aims to introduce the fundamentals of terminology and terminography work, with special attention to Africa, to examine terminology development in multilingual contexts and under the financial constraints of low- and middle-income countries;  to develop terminology theory taking into account the specifics of the region;  to critically analyse modern linguistic theories pertaining to the structure of language and its mental organisation, as well as to discourse and the lexicon, using African languages as a focal point;  and to engage in practical terminology work.

Assessment: A portfolio of regular short exercises pertaining to terminology development (33%); a short essay of 3000 words on the theory of terminology development (33%); development of a specialised and integrated terminology list for an African language in the areas of either health, finance/economics or science (33%).