AXL5307F Human Language Technology

24 NQF credits at HEQSF level 9

Convener: Associate Professor M Madiba

Course entry requirements: Acceptance for a Master’s programme in African Language and Applied Linguistics.

Course outline:

Contemporary information retrieval encompasses the problem of locating hard-copy resources in a library to a myriad of tasks found in business, industry, science, and personal life.  Examples of contemporary information systems include composing journals and newspapers, extracting facts from the web, and analysing usage patterns.  This course covers the necessary techniques for representing, organizing, and accessing digital information that is in textual or semi-structured form.  Topics combine information retrieval, natural language processing, and machine learning, with links to work in databases and data mining.  Students will be expected to work with African language data and materials, wherever possible.

DP requirements: Submission of all written work and at least 75% of seminar attendance.

Assessment: Essays/assignments count for 100%.