AXL5310F Language Contact and Globalisation

24 NQF credits at HEQSF level 9

Convener: Professor R Mesthrie

Course entry requirements: Acceptance for an Honours or Master’s programme

Course outline:

The first half of the course involves the study of 'classical' pidgin and creole theory followed by more recent debates about origins and the timetable of creolisation. The second half examines the colonial and post-colonial history of the spread of English, focusing on social and acquisitional contexts, typologies of New Englishes, and linguistic structure. Both phenomena will be located within the broader field of language contact studies and globalisation.

DP requirements: Submission of all written work and at least 75% attendance at seminars.

Assessment: One long essay of 3000 words, counting 60%, and two portfolios of exercises counting 40%.