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Alida Chevalier

Alida Chevalier is the Junior Research Fellow on Prof Rajend Mesthrie SARChI project, ‘Language, Migration and Social Change’. She also tutors and lectures in the Linguistics Section.

She specialises in automatic acoustic sociophonetics and statistical analyses in R. In particular, her research focuses on Englishes in South Africa.

In general, her research interests include: language variation and change, sociolinguisitics, automatic vowel analysis, phonetics, phonology and dialect studies.

She is a working committee member of ICL20, an international conference taking place for the first time on African soil in 2018.





Recent Publications

Mesthrie, R., & Chevalier, A. (2014). Sociophonetics and the Indian Diaspora: the NURSE vowel and other selected features of South African Indian English. In M. Hundt, & D. Sharma (Eds.), English in the Indian Diaspora (pp. 85-104). Amsterdam/Philadelphia: John Benjamins.

Mesthrie, R., Chevalier, A., & Dunne, T. (2013). A Study of Variation in the BATH Vowel among White Speakers of South African English in Five Cities. University of Pennsylvania Working Papers in Linguistics , 19 (2), 131-140.

Mesthrie, R., Chevalier, A., & Dunne, T. (2015). A Regional and Social Dialectology of the BATH vowel in South African English. Language Variation and Change , 27, 1-30.

Mesthrie, R., Chevalier, A., & McLachlan, K. (2015). A perception test for the deracialisation of middle class South African English. Southern African Linguistics and Applied Language Studies , DOI: 10.2989/16073614.2015.1061895.


Interests and Current Research Projects

Dr Chevalier is currently documenting vowel chain shift patterns in South African English that also occur globally, particularly in Australia, Ireland, America and England. In so-doing she also explores the effects of post-apartheid social change on English as spoken in South Africa. Her current project is an expansion of her PhD on the Reverse Vowel Shift in South African English as a manuscript.

As part of the SARChI research team, she is involved in research projects surrounding vowel variation in the Englishes of South Africa.


Consultation Times

By appointment.


Contact Details

Office: Room A14, AC Jordan Building

Telephone: +27 (0)21 650 5907

Email: a.chevalier@uct.ac.za