AXL1301S Introduction to Applied Language Studies

18 NQF credits at HEQSF level 5

Convener: Professor A Deumert

Course entry requirements: None

Course outline:

This course focuses on the study of language in its social context.

On completion of the course students would have covered topics which include themes such as: introduction (basic concepts and issues in Sociolinguistics); regional variation; social variation; language change; multilingualism; language and interaction; gender and language; language contact; pidgins, creoles and new Englishes; language planning and policy; language and education; the sociolinguistics of sign language.

Lecture times: 3rd period, Monday – Wednesday.

DP requirements: All written work to be handed in and at least 75% attendance at lectures and tutorials.

Assessment: Tests and other written assignments set during the semester count for 50% of the final mark; one two-hour examination in October/November counts 50%.