AXL2300F Linguistics IIA

24 NQF credits at HEQSF level 6

Convener: S Mpendukana

Course entry requirements: This course is open to students who either (a) have successfully completed AXL1300F or (b) are deemed by Senate, on the recommendation of the Head of Section, to be equivalently qualified. Students wishing to be considered for admission to the course under (b) should arrange to see the Head of Section as early as possible.

Course outline:

The course consolidates and extends the work of the first year in linguistics and comprises more advanced and detailed study of structural linguistics and sociolinguistics. Themes include: syntax (with an emphasis on sentence structure); phonetics and phonology (with an emphasis on articulatory phonetics); language in South Africa (with an emphasis on multilingualism); semantics (with an emphasis on categorization of meaning).

Lecture times: 5th period, Monday – Thursday.

DP requirements: All written work to be handed in and at least 75% attendance at lectures and tutorials.

Assessment: Four essays or other written assignments set during the semester count 12½% each (50%); one two-hour examination in June counts 50% of the final mark.