AXL3300F Linguistics IIIA

30 NQF credits at HEQSF level 7

Convener: Dr M Martin

Course entry requirements: This course is open to students who either (a) have successfully completed AXL2300F and AXL2301S, or (b) successfully completed the now discontinued LIN200W, or (c) are deemed by Senate, on the recommendation of the Head of Section, to be equivalently qualified. Students wishing to be considered for admission to the course under (c) should arrange to see the Head of Section as early as possible.

Course outline:

This course introduces more advanced work in four selected areas of linguistics. These may include topics such as: (i) syntax A (with an emphasis on developments in minimalist theory), (ii) sociophonetics (with an emphasis on acoustics and variation in South African English), (iii) introduction to African linguistics (with an emphasis on language history and distribution), (iv) the Linguistic Anthropology of Gesture (with an emphasis on gesture, culture and communication).

Lecture times: 8th period, Monday – Friday.

DP requirements: All written work to be handed in and at least 75% attendance at classes.

Assessment: Four essays or other written assignments set during the semester count 12½% each (50%); one three-hour examination in June counts 50% of the final mark.